Submission actions - send email form action not working on multiple actions

(Joy) #1

Matrix Version: 5.4.2

I have set up a few ‘send email form actions’ to send an email based on what is selected in a question (tickbox list). Depending on what is selected, a different email is sent.

I have tested the actions when one option is selected and it sends the correct email out. When I select multiple options where multiple emails should be sent, only one email for one option is sent or no emails at all.

I have checked to make sure the actions are valid and active.

Does the submission actions not go through all the actions set up? Why does it not send out all the emails based on the options selected?

(Bart Banda) #2

Hey Joy, sounds like it should work, but hard to tell without seeing the setup. Can you share a screenshot of your submission actions to see if we can replicate in the latest version of Matrix to see if it’s an issue there as well?

(Joy) #3

Correction, my Matrix version is v5.4.7.0

Screenshot of valid and active actions attached

(Joy) #4

Have worked it out, have used the ‘contains’ keyword modifier instead of ‘equal’ and it works perfectly.