Switching asset listing or paint layout

(Innes Zenati) #1

Matrix Version: 6.30.0

Hey all, looking for some help. I would like this child page - https://kb.ros.gov.uk/rci/do-i-need-to-register to look like this page (https://kb.ros.gov.uk/) with the collapsable accordions, but not sure if this would be done by switching the paint layouts or asset listings??

Thanks for any help

(Nick Papadatos) #2

Without knowing your setup I can think of many ways to achieve this - you could use an Asset Listing page with a dynamic root node that way you can repurpose the asset listing to output your accordion whenever you need it. Or, you could just create an accordion component?

Happy to help further if required


(Innes Zenati) #3

Hi Nick, thanks very much for getting back to me. At the moment we are using a number of asset listing pages. These were created some time ago by an old colleague and unsure how to repurpose one of these to achieve the look of the homepage.


(Nick Papadatos) #4

When creating Asset Listings, you may find yourself the need to re-purpose them for multiple scenarios (in your case the accordion). All you then need to do is tweak various small settings within the Asset Listing whilst keeping most of the other configurations and markup the same. One of these setting is… on the Asset Listing scroll down to the Dynamic Parameters section and in the GET Variable Name field that now is available, enter " root" .

Step 1:

Step 2:

Make sense?


(Innes Zenati) #5

Great, thanks very much Nicky.

(Harinder Singh) #6

You can use the container template and modify it accoding to your design.