Synonym Searching in Squiz

(Lewis) #1

I can’t get any results from the %search_query_synonym_message% keyword despite creating a thesaurus, thesaurus terms, a relation (‘similar_to’) and configuring the search page as prescribed in the manual. I’ve published the thesaurus and all its terms and still nothing. I’ve tried substituting the keywords stated in the manual and still nothing comes through.

For example, I’ve got the term ‘Job’ and two child thesaurus terms ‘Vacancy’ and ‘Position’, linked via the ‘similar_to’ relation. I’ve enabled synonym search on the search page and added the keywords to both the No Results bodycopy and the Results Page bodycopy but still nothing.

Anyone - any ideas?


(Lewis) #2

Solved. I needed to replace %search… with a search field from the Search Page asset. For example, %description_query_synonym_message%.