Thesaurus Terms and Asset Listings

(Lewis) #1


Anyone know anything about getting asset listings working with tagged pages?

Looking in the manual, there’s no mention of two parts of the Asset Locations section of the Details screen of the Asset Listing asset - the Related Nodes and Thesaurus Filters sections!

I’ve set up what I think is correct - an Asset Listing, using a simple thesaurus I’ve created and created a Standard Page which nests the Asset Listing. I’ve included words in the content of the page which match those in the thesaurus and I’ve also [manually] tagged the Page on the Tagging screen, under the Tags section (the Tag Suggestions at the top don’t work as I highlighted in a previous post - it produces a Javascript error).

Despite that, No Results are shown in the Page.

We’re running v5.5.3.3.

Any ideas?

(John gill) #2

I tested this situation (listing assets by thesaurus term using an Asset Listing Page) as recently as last year with some version of 5.5, so it should still work.

5.5 saw the old Related Asset Listing type get folded into Asset Listing Page but I don’t think the docs were ever combined. might be useful - you’ll just need to translate those docs to the functionality which now exists in Asset Listing Pages.

(Lewis) #3

Hi @JohnGill. Tanks for the reply!

I think someone has been poking about because I could have sworn the docs included information about what Related Nodes and Thesaurus Filters were, but now that’s gone and there’s a suspicious gap, followed by a blue ‘Tip’ box! :thinking:

Anyway …

I’ve looked through the old Related Asset Listing page in the manual and, tbh I’m more confused now - what are Related Nodes? I’ve even tried to Google them and nothing! Does it mean ‘related’ as in ‘is a child of …’ or something else?

What I have discovered since is that, if I remove Related Nodes from the Asset Locations section of the Details Screen, all child assets (those that are meant to be listed) are listed - standard pages which are either published or unpublished in my case.

I’ve even tried creating two thesauri (???) with the thought that maybe you need two in order for anything to be listed - maybe it’s a comparison thing, right? No - nothing. I’ve put all the assets (thesauri, pages and root node) live and still nothing.

This could be a really handy feature for content creators - selecting from a list of tags and getting a list of related pages automatically generated but it just doesn’t seem to work.