Timezone issues when using metadata keywords


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We use Workplace for our intranet. When creating an event, the backend metadata date (EventStartDate) displays as GMT and the frontend output is automatically adjusted to the users local timezone.

Our problem is that when we use a keyword (%asset_metadata_EventStartDate^date_format:l j F%) to reference the date in an event listing, it shows the GMT date rather than the local date. Because we are only showing the day/date and not the time, events scheduled in the afternoon show the right day/date as it is after 12am GMT, but all events scheduled in the morning show as being on the previous day.

Does anyone know how to use a keyword to reference the metadata date and then add a specific timezone offset to adjust for GMT? We want a specific offset so that it always shows the day in relation to head office so don’t need to worry about the exact timezone where an individual user is located for this particular listing.

Appreciate any help. Thanks.


Has anyone found a solution to the frontend/backend timezone out of sync issue?

(Harinder Singh) #3

It is best to check with Squiz if there is a clock mismatch. We had this issue during upgrade but it was fixed in UAT.

Why are you using metadata field instead of Event’s default Start and End date fields and what type of asset you are using to list events?