Trigger for metadata update for using asset builder


Hi, I am trying my luck here and would be great if anyone could help me out.

I have set up an asset builder to create an asset (data record) in a specific folder, also a trigger to notify about the adding which works great, late clients want to also add a trigger to notify about any metadata changes to existing records which I have done that and also works great, however, the problem is that this new trigger (notification of metadata changes) fires several times when a new record is added.
I suppose this happens because it also picks up new records as metadata changes,

The way I set up the notification trigger is below

Event - After asset metadata updated
Condition - the record is of a type and record has a parent (record folder)

How do I justify so it only fires on the existing record,s not new records?

I could try setup conditions to also only pick up live records but would want to know if there is a better way.

many thanks

(Harinder Singh) #2

How about adding an Interface Mode condition in your trigger to match it with “Administration Mode Interface”?