Trigger to set Cookie

(Lewis) #1

Does anyone have any idea why a cookie trigger would work in one browser and seemingly not work in another on the same network?

When I set a cookie using the Asset Accessed event in the Trigger Manager, the cookies sets fine in Google Chrome, for example but when I switch over to Edge or Firefox, it isn’t there.

There are not restrictions on our network for specific browser and Squiz’s own native cookies seem to set fine in all three browsers, just this custom one.

We’re on version


(Bart Banda) #2

No idea why that would be the case, have you tried on other computers? Maybe that are not part of your organisation?

You can check the network tab in the other browsers that don’t work to see if the set cookie header is there to make sure that it’s actually coming from the Matrix server.

Also, is this under HTTPS? Some cookies won’t set on HTTP protocols.