Unknown user for asset is causing asset listing to not display those assets

(Cam) #1

Matrix Version: v5.4.0.3

Hey guys

A user has left the organisation and their user asset was deleted. It came to our attention months later that when an asset (Redirect page) has “Unknown user” (see screenshot below) under the Created By, Last Updated, and Last Published fields those assets will not show up in our asset listings.

I manually updated a few assets and they’ve now shown up in the asset listings again as expected. Is there a way to batch these fields or tweak the asset listing to ignore whatever error is causing this? There are a lot and doing them manually would be a horrible use of time!


(John gill) #2

Interesting. I’m not able to replicate this problem on I created a few pages with a new user then deleted and purged it. I see the “Unknown User” on the Settings screen, but then in the listing those pages are still present even when the type format contains %asset_updated_by_name% - it gets evaluated as “Unknown”


  • Root Created by Root User
  • Root 2 Created by Root User
  • sysadmin Created by Unknown
  • sysadmin 2 Created by Unknown

Are they completely missing from the listing (i.e. nothing gets rendered) or is it possible the asset is being listed but somehow the markup is incomplete? (like an empty


Is there any SSJS or custom filtering in the listing that might be complicating things?

(Cam) #3

Thanks for checking it out, John.

They appear to be completely missing from the listing. I scoured the inspector and I can’t see anything suspicious. I’ll admit I’m not the most technically proficient operator though.

(Bart Banda) #4

There must be something specifically configured in the listing to make them not appear. Is it an asset listing or a search page? Can you share the details of the details screen perhaps and maybe the type format code?

(Cam) #5

Hi Bart, this is an asset listing. The type format code is as follows:

Redirect Page
<li><a href="%redirect_url%"><strong>%asset_name%</strong></a><br/>Region: %asset_metadata_Region%</li>

Standard Page
<li><strong>%asset_name%</strong><br/>Region: %asset_metadata_Region%</li>

Is there any part of the details screen you’d specifically like to see? Happy to post a screenshot.

(Bart Banda) #6

Hey Cam, Sorry for the late reply.

Sounds like a potential bug actually in that version of Matrix. Maybe try changing the sort order of the asset listing to something that is not based on dates, for example no sorting or sorting by asset name or ID to see if that makes them appear?

(Cam) #7

No worries, Bart. We’ve since updated to version 6.20.2 so we’ve had other migration issues to sort out as a priority over this one! I’ll have to get back to it ASAP!