Unlink user account from Facebook login

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Hi, so someone at work tried to register/log in with their Facebook account after someone else had already signed in to their browser in Squiz. Long story short, the user's Facebook account is now linked to someone else's traditional Squiz login. No matter what we do, every time she tries to log in with Facebook, it logs in the other staff member (even if we place the other staff member's account under construction).


I notice I can view the link from the Facebook account manager asset in Squiz, but there's no way I can see to delete the link. The link is not present on the linking screen of the traditional user asset either.




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(Edison Wang) #2

you can re-link the FB account to the correct Matrix user.


You will need to login the correct Matrix user first, via traditional Matrix password login, or use Log As feature from a sysadmin account.


After login as the correct Matrix user, preview the FB Account Manager, then you will be redirected to login FB account.


After login with FB. Matrix will detect that current Matrix user doesn't match with the FB account, so It will show the "Create Link" bodycopy that shows you the link to click to re-link the current FB Account with the current Matrix user.

If you click that, it will create the new link between current Matrix user and the current FB account, overridingthe previous link.


Alternatively, if you have access to the Database of Matrix, you can directly delete the existing link between the FB account and the Matrix user. The link is stored in sq_oauth_lnk DB table, you should have all info you need in the FB Account Manager Linked User screen.

(Chris Horikx) #3

Is there a reason why there is no linking administration? This is particularly problematic for testing. Once you have linked an account how can you unlink to test the form again?

(Bart Banda) #4

No specific reason, probably was never enough demand for it to get added. Sounds like it would be pretty handy to manage that via the UI somehow.