Upgrading from 4.x to

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We have our live Squiz website hosted remotely by another local council.


Each night they send us a snapshot of the system as a zipped up file, which prior to upgrading to version 5 of the product I imported into a local installation running on one of our Sun Solaris servers, we then used this system to carry out development work.


We would like to continue this practice now that the system has been upgraded to version 5 of the software, where can I get installation instructions that would work with version of the Squiz product?



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Hi Neil, you can find installation instructions for Matrix 5 on the manuals here: http://manuals.matrix.squizsuite.net/evaluate-squiz-matrix/manual-installation-guide


Please note however that Matrix is not supported on Solaris. 

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Hi Bart,

Thanks for the reply, the system is only for internal development and testing, prior to upgrading from version 4.x the software happily ran under Sun Solaris and I suspect version 5 will do too, if I can install all the necessary packages.


We are running our live site which is at and this is hosted remotely by another council, the requirement is to export this system every few weeks, so that we can have a working copy to develop with locally.


If need be we can install Redhat onto a PC and run it on this, but I was hoping to run it under Sun Solaris to save building another unit.


Many thanks


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No worries Neil, yea it should work ok I think under 5 as well then, just wanted to make sure you knew it wasn't supported that's all. :)