Upgrading to version 5

(Dorian Borg) #1



We are currently running squiz 4.18.3 and we are trying to do an upgrade.


The automatic download script was downloaded and the following command is being executed to download (checkout) only..


php matrix_upgrade.php --checkout_only /CMS/WEB/mysource_matrix mysource_5-1-0-1 (or php matrix_upgrade.php --checkout_only /CMS/WEB/mysource_matrix mysource_4-18-8)


It seems that we are not being answered by squiz github.  


executing netstat shows [serverip]:38788     squiz-gitlab01.sq:https SYN_SENT


editing conf/main.inc and replacing https://gitlab.squiz.net/Labs/Matrix.gitwith https://github.com/squizlabs/Matrix.git and executing matrix_upgrade.php

again prompts for the username and password, so I am assuming that everything is set correctly from our end.


Do you know what might be the reason why this is not working?


thank you

(Tbaatar) #2

Hi Dorian,


Access to Squiz GitHub repository is not open source therefore you can't use the automatic script to download Matrix 5.


You will need to get permission to access the repository and agree to varies terms in order to be eligible to download it.