Use trigger to manipulate asset attributes in Squiz

(Dalano) #1

Hello everyone,

Is there a possibility to manipulate ‘Remote content’ type assets via customized metadata schema implemented within meta-fields from ‘Remote content’ details screen ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

(Bart Banda) #2

Hi Dalano, can you elaborate a bit more of what you mean? What are you trying to achieve?

(Dalano) #3

Hi Bart,

Let me explain more in depth. We have some hundreds of remote content assets in our system. We are moving them all from multiple locations under one parent folder.We have multiple variations of the values in each remote content asset. What we would like to do is to unify these details of each Remote content asset under our parent folder:Each variation of these Remote Assets should follow the following Details choices and our goal is to avoid manual work

  1. Remote URL : Stay as it is, we can update this on our own via search & replace tool in Squiz
  2. Start tag: empty
  3. End tag: empty
  4. Include Start/End Tags? : On
  5. Get content from all occurrences: On
  6. Strip Images?: On
  7. Tag replacements: style / <style> / </style>/ (x) Remove contents

Thanks !

(Bart Banda) #4

Thanks for clarifying, I think I understand now. You simply want to “mass update” all of your remote content assets to use similar settings?

In that case, you could try setting up a trigger that fires the set attribute action and run a batch job on all of your assets to update them to some common value?

(Dalano) #5

Hello Bart that you got it right.

Having a trigger between keyword statements makes total sense to me.

Will get back to you to share my output, but i think i have direction now thank you very much!