User group usage in Squiz


Hi all,

I have searched this topic in the forum, the latest I could find is in 2017, I am wondering if any latest solution (systematic) is available after many new versions?

Basically, I just need to know what pages/assets have a user group have access to (read/write/admin)?

I have tried to use the method of asset listing + test user, however, many of the pages/assets are publicly available, so it will bring up these too which is not ideal.

any advice/solutions are greatly appreciated!


(John gill) #2

To the best of my knowledge there is still no way to get this information short of:

  • Listing every asset in the system, or
  • accessing the database directly

By “listing every asset” I mean getting the %asset_permissions_info% for each asset, which solves the problem you mention of distinguishing between “has permission because public” and “has permission because of this group”.