User metadata self update


hi Guys,

I wonder if there is a way to let user self add/upgrade metadata?

These users are created via Oauth account manager using token externally, we would like the user to add some profile information during the first time get onto the site for reporting purpose.

I have setup a metadata schema but now sure how to best approach this

Any suggestion would be great.


(Jsisk) #2

Hi Sean.

If I understand you correctly, you want to know if it’s possible to update an assets metadata from the front end of the website and not through the Admin or Edit+ interfaces, is that correct?

Assuming yes, then you could use what’s called the JS API to interact and update assets in this manner.
The JS API allows you to perform lookups and even edit assets, albeit sometimes in a much more limited way.

For more information on ‘Basic JS API implementation’, please check out the following manual page,

I hope this is right and if not, please explain more about what it is you are trying to achieve.



Thanks, I will look into this