Users with inline edit and access to also publish SEO metadata

(Dave Oakley) #1

Is there a way that anyone can suggest to setup a user with access to the in-line editor (in matrix 6) but also give them the ability to edit SEO related metadata from the metatdata screen, but not edit other metatdata items? i.e is there a way to make an edit layout that includes all the page components and some of the metadata fields but not the full metatdata screen.

(Harinder Singh) #2

You can try with content templates for the Standard pages and apply SEO Widget on the containers.

Additionally, you can restrict users’ access to only the content screen for the SEO widget, while disabling the metadata screen.

Best for senior devs to advise on this.

(Dave Oakley) #3

Hi Harinder thanks for responding. When you say SEO widget what did you have in mind there?

(Harinder Singh) #4

Hi Dave, you can design/create content templates as widgets so you import them easily your pages.

(RylieGordon) #5

“Totally feel you on this one, it can be tricky to figure out the right level of access for different users in Squiz Matrix. From what I know, it should be possible to set up a custom edit layout for your user that includes the SEO metadata fields you want them to be able to edit, without giving them access to everything else. You might need to work with your Matrix admin to set this up though, as it involves tinkering with the system’s configuration. As for SEO, I think you should check out Crowdo. They’re a pretty sweet platform for boosting your website’s search engine rankings through crowd marketing. Basically, they use real people to create backlinks and social media signals that tell Google your site is legit.”

(Aaron) #6

I have spent tons of time to figure out how to do that but to no avail.

(Dave Oakley) #7

Hi Aaron, thanks for checking this out for me, appreciate it. I have another idea for this on the go and will get back to you if I make a breakthrough. Cheers. Dave.

(Timotee) #8

I agree with the first commenter. It’s very easy to do it this way :space_invader:

(Benowen) #9

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(Moona) #10

Search engines can crawl a website and guess its general purpose based on these elements; metadata enables webmasters to tell search engines what a page’s title is, which says a lot about what search queries it may be relevant for.

(Benowen) #11

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(Dave Oakley) #13

Just following up on this one. What we ended up doing was building two asset listings that allow for on page editing using the JS API. One listing is for image alt tags, and one for SEO descriptions. Then we gave our SEO editors access to those pages, to manage just those aspects on the website. The asset listings can be set at the top node of the site, or at any level where you’re wanting to give access to do a bulk tidy up of those descriptions and tags. They can get a bit out of control on big websites. If you’d like a copy of these listings, to use on your website let me know and I’ll DM a link to the .tgz file.