Using %begin_** in a design asset

(paul walker) #1

Hi Folks
Is it considered a bad practice to use %begin in a design asset?
I have tested this to display content triggered by a ‘yes, no’ option set in a metadata schema. It seems to work fine but wondered if I might run into issues.
Your thoughts and suggestions are welcomed

(John gill) #2

Interesting. I was under the impression that %begin_ did not work in designs at all, but that belief was based on fairly old experiments. I just retested in and it works fine.

A quick search of release notes turned up the change that happened sometime between 5.3 and 5.5. Clearly it was done deliberately, so I think you’re good to go.

Support for Keyword Conditions in Designs

#9732 - Idea by David Beitey (Squiz Client)

Conditional Keywords are now supported in Designs . Previously these would not get evaluated and the workaround was to use them in a Standard Page and then nest that into the Design .

You can now use them directly within the Parse File code of a Design asset.