Using REST API to create "Link" asset in Squiz

(Stef) #1


I am new to Squiz and looking for a way to integrate an image DAM so that Squiz will be able to use external image assets stored in a cloud image repository.

Ideally I would use the a POST call to the Squiz REST API to POST a Json stream to create a new asset in Squiz that would reference the external no authentication URL of the image. I saw the “Link” asset type in Squiz that should be able to do this ?

I am testing with the Squiz downloadable VM but don’t see an obvious end point to the REST API !

I saw the content api module but it seems to be read-only and have been unsuccessful to install it on the VM

How can I test the Squiz REST API with Python HTTP Request module on the downloadable VM ?

Please advice,

(John gill) #2

Matrix doesn’t have a REST API. Your options for what you’re describing are:

Either the Javascript API or the SOAP API will allow you to programmatically create a Link asset

(Stef) #3

Thanks John, very useful I was able to configure the SOAP API end-point on the VM and test it.

Am I right in thinking that the “Link” asset type in Squiz can be used to place remotely accessible assets like images and videos in a Squiz web-site ?

(John gill) #4

You could certainly use a Link asset for that, and it’s handy if you use those external resources in multiple locations because then you only have to update one place, but it’s just a convenient place to store the URL.