Web paths

(D Stern) #1

When endusers got to our site, the page url that is shown is the http://scia.clients.squiz.net/ etc, rather than our url. Also, search engines pick up that address.

Why is that so? How can I control what users will see?

(Greg Sherwood) #2

That's looks like a development URL used by Squiz. I suggest speaking to your account manager to check it out.

(Shane Weddell) #3

Hi, given that you are on 3.16.10 you have probably not been speaking to an account manager for some time.

If you remove the development URL from all the areas in the asset map that are using it such as the design, user and media folders and then any site asset you will then be able to go into the System Configuration and remove it from the root URL's list. You will probably find that there are hardcoded links to the scia.clients.squiz.net url in your content throughout the system so you will want to run some link checking after you do this. Any hard coded links in the designs will have to be manually found and eliminated.

Hope this helps.

(Selina) #4

Hi, I know this is a really old thread but I’m getting a problem where I moved an asset (PDF) to another site within Squiz and it’s using the Squiz URL (development URL) when I link via an asset number. I do not want to remove the development URL completely from all areas so not sure what to do?

I just want it to link to our URL which it normally does

(ali Arsalan) #5

ii appreciate this platform for discussion.i also had tha same problem but resolved.Thanks Talentpool