Webform file url

(Adeel) #1

Hi, is there a way to send the uploaded file url in a web form email t public users.

I have created a web form in matrix 5.4 and in the email instead of sending the files as attachments I am sending their urls using keyword %response_id_q1_file_id^as_asset:asset_url%.

The issue is it works fine when logged in as the uploaded file has the status of “under construction” so it emails the file url when logged in but for public users who are not logged in it doesn’t send the url?

Is there anyway I can email the uploaded file urls to the public users and it asks them to log when they click on the urls? If not possible then how can I set the uploaded files status to be always live so that it sends the file url to public users?

(Phillip Booth) #2

An Asset Builder Page might be an alternative solution.

(Tbaatar) #3

Can you create a trigger to change the status of file to live and accessible to the public?