Welcome to the Datastore forums!

(Scott Hall) #1

Mad keen on building frontend apps that are served by Matrix? Then complete our comprehensive tutorials to understand everything Datastore has to offer. More docs coming soon!

Use these forums to ask any support questions you might have, suggest any improvements, share tips and tricks, and report any issues you might experience.

Please note: The Datastore tutorial helps you experience everything the product has to offer by using Datastore’s local simulator to understand how to build and test a website event application. The Datastore simulator is free and can be used by anyone regardless of whether you are a Squiz customer or not. However, Datastore production blueprints are only available for Squiz customers with an active support agreement. For more information about using Datastore in production, please contact your Squiz Account Manager.

(John gill) #2

Thanks Scott, I was hoping to dive into this as soon as it came out but we live in Interesting Times so proper feedback will be delayed. In the meantime, thanks for releasing the dev tooling so we can get a detailed understanding of Datastore.

(Scott Hall) #3

No worries! Happy to take a list of suggested changes or any potential barriers you might see as you go through the tutorial, looking forward to getting your feedback :slight_smile:

(Scott Hall) #4

We just launched some fantastic updates to our user docs, including the following materials: