What's New Page Deprecation - performance

(Kequi) #1

We use these a lot as they have a marked improvement in performance over standard asset listings.

We don’t use Matrix search - unless it’s improved dramatically it was significantly slower than What’s New pages last time we tried using it.

I’m talking about a 75% improvement in time when looking into a folder of several thousand news items. Maybe half a second more for each asset listing rather than What’s New page - and if you have many of these on a homepage for instance it can be 5 or more seconds of pageload time.

So my question is - what happens when we upgrade to 6 and all of our What’s New pages are transformed into Asset listings - is someone working to make sure the performace gains are the same in the updated asset listing if a date range is selected?

Will it be a seamless morph from one asset type to the other?



(Bart Banda) #2

Hey Karl, thanks for raising. So far we haven’t confirmed Whats New pages to be removed in 6.0. When we do however, they will be automatically converted as you say, but we first have to add the relative functionality to asset listings first.

Interesting about performance, whatever query we are doing for Whats New pages we should be able to port to Asset Listings to have the performance of those be the same.