What's the nodes order of assets listing with multiple root nodes?


Matrix Version:v5.5.2.0

What’s the order of the root nodes in assets listing with multiple root nodes when the default order is set to Asset Map order? And how could we customise the order? I found that the assets listing sorting will sort the items within a node correctly but there is no way to control the order of the nodes.

EDIT: I can’t turn on Direct Link Only because I am listing content containers.

(David Schoen) #2

Ultimately it’s sorting by tree id when using Asset Map order - so the root nodes would need to be reordered wherever they share a common parent.

Alternatively it might be possible to use grouping and sort on some custom metadata or multiple asset listers (one per root node)?


Thanks for your response. I need to use two assets listing nested in each other to achieve this because the assets map order is applied only if Direct Link Only is on. Not ideal but it works.