Workflow sending both "Workflow Started" and "Workflow Invitation" to users in first step

(Kieran) #1

Matrix Version: 6.19.2

Hi guys,
As the title states, when a workflow started (asset status: Safe Edit Pending Approval), the users in my first step receive both the “Workflow Started” and “Workflow Invitation” (subject: “Workflow Approval Required”) emails.

I understand I can customise these messages - the first one on the workflow itself and the second one within a step itself, however this does not disable an email.

I also know I can removed email whitelists from the system.
Before I do this, I was wondering is this now standard or an error? Is there a way to disable this effect, without removing whitelisted emails from the system?

  1. Basically the users in the first step should only receive one email, asking them to approve the asset, not two.
    I don’t actually understand the reason for both of them, even after reading:

  2. Also both emails came from “”, even though my email address is set in my user asset and this field is empty:

(John) #2

I have the same question. Did you have any luck or does anyone from Squiz care to respond?

(Kieran) #3

Unfortunately not. And Bart left the company, who used to reply to these kinds of queries.