Workflow, system admins & publish permissions

(Danielle Stewart) #1

Matrix Version:

We have multiple system admins and several different workflows that apply to different asset types.

I’ve created a workflow that allows 1 system admin user to ‘approve and make live’ as the final step, because the user requires notification that the asset is ready for review and publish. This workflow will be applied to a particular asset type.

Is it possible for other system admins (not in workflow) to also approve and make live these asset types? I don’t want to add all our system admins to the workflow step. They need to be able to publish the assets on an ad hoc basis outside of workflow.


(Bart Banda) #2

Unfortunately not, they have to be in the workflow approver group in order to do so. You could potentially do something with a trigger where it links them into the user group temporarily for them to approve the step, and then links them out again after they have approved/rejected it?