Workflows - Prevent editor approving their own changes

(Michael Wilson) #1

We are looking to implement workflow and a question has come up from a team who would like to approve each others work, rather than approvals going up to managers.

If we have a section of a website where Editor1 and Editor2 are responsible for maintaining the content, Manager1 would normally be responsible for approving any workflow approvals. If Manager1 wanted to delegate approval responsibility to Editor1, how would we stop Editor1 from making a change and approving it themselves?

Is it just a case of ensuring that those who can approve a change to an asset don’t also have write access to those assets?


(John gill) #2

I doubt this is possible.

Editors will need admin permission, so even if you could come up with a workflow that somehow excluded the person who applies for approval from being an approver, that user would be able to replace the workflow anyway. In the end you’d be relying on people following the rules, so you might as well just make it a convention that people don’t approve their own changes.

(Bart Banda) #3

You could maybe set a condition in the step to say that at least 2 users need to approve it? Then if the all the users that are editors are in the approver step condition, then you might be able to achieve that outcome? I’m not 100% if the “at least 2 users” part will count the current user who submits it for approval though if they are also an approver of that step, but worth testing.