Image paths in the Media folder

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I have a Media & Widgets folder as I presume all installs do. When I create a new image it puts assetIDs in the path which makes it a nightmare when developing on dev & live. e.g. /__data/assets/image/0015/8214/House-Logo-and-Font2.jpg

In Image path in Mysource matrix I can see something about using ‘unrestricted access’ but I can’t see anything in the GUI about this.

I imagine I’m making a classic rookie mistake but have absolutely no idea why this happens. Can anyone help?

Many thanks

Matrix Version: 5.3.4

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You will need to drop your images below the design files in order to get the nice relative path.
The other option is to host all your template files in Git and use Git Brdige. The git bridge path remains intact similar to relative path.

Check the Design File and Git Bridge manuals.


(David Schoen) #3

The unrestricted access option is just on the details screen of the files -