Using a PayPal Payment Gateway - Encryption Library Path

(K Dennis) #1

**Matrix Version:

The Manual page “Using a PayPal Payment Gateway” under the heading “Adding and Setting Up the Paypal Configuration”, has the following instruction:

“2. On the Details screen, in the Paypal Encryption Library Path field, enter the path to the PPCrypto.php library file. This file is obtained from the PayPal website. For more information, refer to the PayPal Payment Gateway chapter in this manual.”

But there is no " Paypal Encryption Library Path" field in the details screen…

Is this no longer required? What has changed?


(Marcus Fong) #2

It seems that it’s no longer required:

(K Dennis) #3

Thank you Marcus


(Chiranjivi Upreti) #4

Correct. Manual page has been fixed.